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Deep Blue Sea (Daniel Rossen home recording)

Grizzly Bear

“Deep Blue Sea (Daniel Rossen home recording)” – Grizzly Bear
(Traditional Song, Arrangement: Daniel Rossen, available on Friend EP, Warp 2007) 

With no offense intended toward Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen’s songs tend to stick with me with more frequency.   He sings in a calm way without sacrificing a rich tone, and his voice evokes the same qualities as Nick Drake at times.  Even when given the full-on Grizzly Bear wall-‘o-sound, they have a more immediate intimacy than some of the band’s other compositions.  Where other songs lean on the harmonies for their effectiveness, Rossen’s songs sound built up starting with just voice and guitar. 

So naturally, I’m not surprised at how much I love “Deep Blue Sea,” particularly Rossen’s demo recording of the song.  The full band version appeared on the Dark Was the Night compilation last year with a few embellishments familiar to those who own Veckatimest.  Rossen’s solo recording keeps the focus on his hushed and nimble fingerpicking and his voice.  The simplicity works wonders, particularly with this folk song’s sweet melody.  Even when Rossen embellishes the recording (with double-tracked harmonies, unsurprisingly), his voice remains the focus with the ghostly harmonies playing a supporting role.  Even though their more ambitious sonic collages might be more impressive, the simple melody and harmony in this song feels just as beautiful.

Also, if you stick through the last minute of silence, there’s a crazy spaghetti western style instrumental featuring Beirut’s Zach Condon.  Don’t blame me if/when it catches you by surprise. 

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